During the Candlelight Tour on December 1st and 2nd, many of Granbury’s historic public buildings will be open for docent-guided touring as well! (See the full list of buildings at the bottom of this post). One of those historic buildings is the President’s House. Here, visitors can see a beautiful Pop-up Art Gallery on display, hosted by the Granbury Arts Alliance, no tickets required!
This year, the gallery will feature artwork from the following artists:

JerBotz by Jeremiah Bova
Jeremiah tells passionate stories and expresses his sense of wonder by using found objects to create one-of-a-kind sculpture pieces. Inspiration comes from deep within as he takes apart common household vintage items and discovers their buried treasures. He then incorporates those treasures into robotic-looking, industrial-style, elegant sculptures called JerBotz.
With a touch of elegance and whimsical flare, JerBotz recently won an honorable mention at the 2017 Harvest Moon Festival of the Arts in Granbury, TX. A yellow brick road leading up to a vintage-style carnival stage showcased an interactive display of the JerBotz sculptures.
JerBotz appeal to many people from all walks of life. Jeremiah connects to others by giving them a way to surround themselves with objects that symbolize all they love.
Jeremiah also has works available in Your Private Art Collection Gallery.

Jeremiah Bova with one of his Jerbotz creations.

Rhea Amyett
Rhea Amyett is a pen and ink artist, combining her love for vintage crosshatch illustrations and a love for specific individual things. Her tagline is, “Like a charm bracelet, but in the form of pen and ink”, because she likes to draw what could potentially be someone’s favorite thing or hold a special memory for them.

A collection of Rhea’s artwork.

Family Tyes by Amy Skinner, Dale Parker, and Tommy Parker
Family Tyes began with Dale Ann Parker wanting to add a bit of fun to retirement. Having spent the last 30 years as a prominent horse breeder, being idle was of no interest to Dale. Subsequently her daughter Amy Skinner, a retired veterinary technician, came on board to create Family Tyes. It was an endeavor of love and family comradery that turned into so much more. Now they are spreading warmth, one hat, shrug, scarf, and wrap at a time, all over the world. Each of their hats and wraps are individually unique and one of a kind, inspired by life and created with love. Not one to be left out, Tommy Parker joined in with his own artistic journey with his amazing Treescapes, unique one-of-a-kind trees created out of metal and earthly wares of wood, stone, and glass, representing hope for a new beginning. These unique pieces are made with collections from his travels across North America, with the hope that each tree speaks to you in some way.
After the painful loss of Dale Parker’s brother to lung and brain cancer, Family Tyes put together what is now known as their Monthly Cancer Warrior Hat Drawing. Each month, names of individuals that are going through chemo therapy and battling cancer are collected through nominations made on the Family Tyes Facebook page. Each month, at least one name is drawn, and the Family Tyes ladies make the hat and send it to the winner, at no cost. It is their way of paying it forward, and the hats, as always, are made with love.

Textile pieces by Dale Ann Parker and Amy Skinner.

Treescape art pieces by Tommy Parker.

Valeri Cranston
Valeri creates beautiful, unique art with vibrant alcohol ink.

Photography by Cissy Fry Wilson
When Cissy was given a camera as a gift from her family, her world changed and she discovered her passion. Where once, as a journalist, she expressed the world as she saw it, through words, the camera allows her to share images that a thousand words cannot begin to touch.

You don’t want to miss out on this event!

Stop by the President’s House at 

Here is a full list of public buildings that will be open for touring during the Candlelight Tour:
Preserve Granbury Historic Home / President’s House
Old Granbury Railroad Depot
Historic Granbury Power Plant
Historic Hood County Courthouse
Bridge Street History Center
Granbury Doll House
Yeat’s Duke Cabin
Langdon Center Concert Hall/Historic Church
Historic Nutt House Hotel
Shanley House

This event, and tours of the other public buildings are free to the public.